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I've been married to my bestfriend/husband for 17 years. We met in Galway, Ireland. He is British, I'm American. We never dated. We moved to northern Texas 3 years ago after living 14 years in my hoetown of San Diego. We have 3 children. A 15 year old daughter, 12 year old son and a beautiful 7 year old boy with Down Syndrome. I've been at home with the kids for 15 years now. I used to know what to do with myself when I homeschooled and my faith was more black and white. Now I'm trying to figure that out since the kids are all in school. So I do what comes naturally to me: make things. Paintings, bags, jewelry, pottery, clothing, knit things. I like making cookies too.


knitting, gardening, listening to music, illustrating, hiking, reading, painting, baking, travelling, designing, follower of jesus, movie fan, tea drinker (may be addicted to bewley's), salsa making, a good beer/wine, learning about god's creation, and lots more.