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March 24, 2009


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If I was in a full-on righteous mood, baby, I would consider wearing this dress. I am not afraid of a bit of colour :)

So if you want to change something you're not so happy with, how do you go about doing it? Do you start all over again? I'm interested to know your process. :)


yeh, color doesn't scare me, but the big bold graphics would probably confine me to only wearing it around the house. :)

My process? Hmmm. I usually don't come into these paintings with any grand scheme or divine dream. For this one, I just had the idea to draw a simple dress with a certain symbolism on it.

I very rarely do preliminary sketches. Sometimes I'll just draw freehand onto the blank canvas with a Sharpie. This time I did use pencil first, then Sharpie.

I use watered down liquid acrylics. I like the way it looks and it keeps costs down too. I apply the acrylic in many layers. The first layer generally is a just a color scheme. I still feel like I'm coloring between the lines, like in grade school, sometimes.

I usually paint at the kitchen table (though my husband bought me a nice easel) so that the paint won't run. I usually turn the painting while working so that parts can be drying while I'm putting down layers of paint elsewhere.

Since the technique I use leaves hardly any texture, I can gesso or paint over parts that aren't working well.

I always like exploring new territory in themes and design. I get agitated if I feel I'm recycling old ideas too much.

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