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    Photos of Cuyamaca Forest 30 miles from home which was burnt to a crisp two years ago. Photos by Noah & Cheryl.


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Loved the books! Still have the complete set and have reread them quite recently.

I wonder..what does that say about a fifty+ year old man still attracted to that fantasy World?


Let's see, when I was in my 20's, I had the excuse that my childhood wasn't so far behind me, now in my 30's, it's the children I'm really thinking of (uh huh). So when I get to be in my 50's, what reason will I have to continue to re-read the Chronicles of Narnia? Because I will probably still love them. Reason enough for me ! :)


Well, maybe I am still just childish enough to believe the message, too.


oh, Arthur and Cheryl, remember the dedication that Lewis put at the very beginning of TLTWATWardrobe? something about the person he was dedicating it to being too young to care about the book but someday she would be old enough to appreciate them.

i too, have read those books over and over and over and i'll be reading them when i am 100 (well, maybe not, but you know what i mean.)

Cheryl, i would have been over the moon to know of a wardrobe that actually belonged to Lewis and find that it had coats and a narnia puzzle map in it. i love that you and your friend had tea near it.

this weekend, i went to Flagstaff, a forest mountain town about 2.5 hours north of phoenix. while i was standing out in the woods under the full moon, i looked out into the trees and remembered the time when Lucy sees Aslan in the forest when the kids are trying to help Prince Caspian. so I squinched up my eyes and tried to see if maybe Aslan was out there somewhere.

ok, now that i've rambled on quite a bit, who are your favorite narnia characters? and do you have a favorite book??


Brenda, "The Voyage of The Dawntreader" has to be my favourite book in the series. And apart from Aslan himself, Edmund is my favourite character. I can relate to Eustace way too much for my own comfort, though.


Hi Arthur, I think for me, The Horse and His Boy is my favorite, followed, oh so very closely by TVOTDawntreader. For characters, I love Lucy. I was convinced Lucy and I would have been the best of friends if we ever met. And I loved Reepicheep. And Bree the Horse.

I know what you mean about relating to Eustace. Oh, you and Cheryl, have got me thinking about these books so much!!

Long live Narnia!!


"Dawntreader" is my favourite simply because, in it, Aslan is finally triumphant.
I did find it hard to choose, because I enjoyed the whole series so much. Better than "Starwars" any day. Can't wait to see the movie!


Brenda & Arthur,
You guys are the greater of the Narnia fans. I have read all the books, more than once...ages ago. It's TLTWATW that I keep reading over & over (when I have time), and that's the one that's clear in my mind. So, I'd have to say Lucy and TLTWATW is my favorite. I love the Space Trilogy too, but it has been a long time...

By the way, I've heard that Aslan is near...


Isn't it funny how many comments you get just by mentioning Narnia? I love The Horse and His Boy and TLTWATW. I got to read the whole series again 6 months ago when I had my baby and my husband was around for a week. I laid in the bedroom and nursed and read. It was great! I am about halfway addicted to Narnia : .cfm?menu_parent_id=4&menu_item_id=103


Yes, a regular comments marathon. I couldn't get that link to work, and couldn't access it the round-about way either. I have good memories of reading and nursing babies too.
Hoping to get out your way again soon. Would be nice to meet you :). Cheryl

Heidi Renee

how did I miss this? met bono & touched the wardrobe - oh my what a charmed life you lead!!

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