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    Photos of Cuyamaca Forest 30 miles from home which was burnt to a crisp two years ago. Photos by Noah & Cheryl.


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    paintings from 2004
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It was tragic that McCandless died out there in the wilderness; i too wish he had lived to get back to his parents, etc.; but then so many people wouldn't have heard about or benefited from his story... it's pretty amazing how a couple of years of hitchhiking led to his story challenging thousands (millions?) of people


Thanks for your comment. I never did watch the ending again and my "on demand" time expired. So I've forgotten exactly how it ends. But it did seem he had some revelation and did come to forgive his family. My heart broke for his family though. God usually doesn't provide the Disney ending, but will do things in His own way. Then again, death is not the ultimate end.

I'm glad that Sean Penn was inspired to take on the story. I think Eddie Vedder did an exceptional job with the music too. Unfortunately, I think as an indie movie, it mainly challenged those who appreciate a challenge (or at least something to talk about over a cappuccino). But I may be wrong. Hope I am.


Hey Cheryl, finally saw this movie. What a great movie! Not what I would call a feel good movie. But very moving and well done. My review is here:

Btw, I hope you and your family are well and being blessed by the Most High!

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