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    Photos of Cuyamaca Forest 30 miles from home which was burnt to a crisp two years ago. Photos by Noah & Cheryl.


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    paintings from 2004
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Heidi Renee

woooo - uncertain it is!

i have emergent/blogging friends in austin - if you want an intro i can work it out. they relocated from california there too so you'd have something in common???


Thanks for the offer. If Richard gets a job down that way, I'll take you up on it. :)


the couple times that i was in Missouri I thought it had to be one of the prettiest places I had seen....i have always read and re-read the Little House on the Prairie books and that is where the author ended up living most of her adult life and Becky got to visit her house when she was in Missouri in 2005. when I was there in Joplin in 2004 I got to see where George Washington Carver lived and it was the most beautiful day ever....

anyways, i have to say i picture you guys as fitting more somewhere out West....but at least this country is so beautiful that I know there will be good wherever you go. and you all have each other...

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