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    Photos of Cuyamaca Forest 30 miles from home which was burnt to a crisp two years ago. Photos by Noah & Cheryl.


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    paintings from 2004
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Oh, he is so gorgeous. I love that dimple.

Heidi Renee

Thank you for sharing him with us! What a cutie!


Ethan is a cutie!

One of my friends here in the Great White(?)North has a boy who is "handicapped" both mentally and physically. He must be in his late teens, cannot speak a word, and is confined to a wheel chair. EVERYTHING must be done for him.

I often wondered what would have happened if his parents had taken the route of institutionalizing him, or if they had considered that, (or abortion,) as an option. Turns out their belief in God, and love for their son precluded both alternatives. It is wonderful to see his father taking a spin around town on their special bike, - actually a trike, with two wheels in front and one in back, which has been fitted with a wheel-chair-like seat on the front end - with the lad. Huge smile on the boy's face, - he loves going for rides on that bike, and the faster they go the bigger the grin!

I am always impressed that the parents decided to keep him at home and have accepted the responsibility, as well as being willing to make the effort to do what it takes, to make the boy's life as meaningful as possible. My hat off to them and to you!

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