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    Photos of Cuyamaca Forest 30 miles from home which was burnt to a crisp two years ago. Photos by Noah & Cheryl.


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    paintings from 2004
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brenda e

i have only gotten free coffee once that i can remember and it actually happened last weekend. i rode my bike to wildflower bread company and the guy gave me free coffee! i was so surprised, i'll definitely be going back every day this weekend probably.

i wish i rememebered my dreams better. i can go weeks without remembering them, i think i am not meant to be getting up so early, cuz when i can sleep in that is when i will remember them. they are weird though, the ones i remember, just truly bizarre, but usually in a really enjoyable, i want to keep re-playing them in my head kinda way. one of the ones i remember from this year is that a whole neighborhood full of victorian style houses with big porches was just a couple blocks over from my house and i just had never realized before. and each house was some sort of little coffee house, book store, sweet shop or little gift shop or art space. and they had been there all the time and i just didnt know, so when i go near that area in real life, i am always thinking, yeah, just down that way is the cool neighborhood with the stores. how i wish that were true.

haha, i was only going to write a sentence or two but look at all this.



Coffee... I used to get free coffee all the time when I lived in Austin... Seems there was this season when it happened a lot. It def does not happen up here. People are just borderline grumpy... oh oops did I say that!!!?? But the whole hospitality thing I love about it like you just feel taken care of.
And dreams ahhh the dreamlife... you know about my dreams and the lions... and I read that book about the lion of Judah and I was just flipping out.. and then I see your paintings and it is so much like my dream. Like I am looking into the woods at the lion!!! I mean it is really over the top. And when I look at your paintings its as though you have captured a piece of it. Deep..

And I feel like dreams are so real. That we can access parts of creation and spirit there. There is so much activity and it IS connected to our waking life. God has always spoken to me through my dreams. And I love it when life and dreams get really close. Like the moments when you feel like you have one foot in both. I wonder what that is all about?!


"Wildflower Bread Company" is such an inviting name. Is it your new oasis?

I usually forget my dreams pretty quickly unless there is something memorable about them. But if you write them down, you can recall a lot of them months and years later. I've read a couple of books that talk about how God is always talking to us. Even at night as we sleep, in our dreams. That subject is a blogpost in itself.

I have those dreams too, that there is actually something interesting close by. *note to developers* who ever dreams of strip malls?


That "borderline grumpiness" is something Richard noticed and mentioned to me after their trip to the NW. It was the only thing that put him off wanting to move there. Then again, Texas is the only place I've ever lived where if you ask a person how they are, it isn't entirely strange for them to say "wonderful". Wonderful? People in Ireland just said "grand", which is a realistic notch below "wonderful".

Dreams are fascinating, and I know there's more to them than just rapid eye movements or too much pizza. Personally, a lot of my dreams have houses in them. What do you dream about?

btw, I need to send you a couple more lion images.


Yes, yes, to the weird aspect of life. Sometimes it does indeed seem dream like. Maybe we are in God's dream. Just kidding! But seriously, this life can be very, very strange at times. But it can also, at the same time, be quite marvelous. It sounds like your free coffees are examples of little gifts that the Creator is bestowing on you.

I'll continue to pray for your imminent move. And I'm absolutely certain that the Most High has big plans for you and your clan at the next leg of your journey...whether it be a Texodus or not. :)

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